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Applying for Aid

All current and admitted students need to submit the FAFSA and any required verification documents every year to be eligible for financial aid. If you do not submit the FAFSA or required verification documents, you will need to pay the full semester tuition before enrolling in classes. 

We determine financial need through a careful review of your financial circumstances. Currently, enrolled students must reapply each year to be eligible for financial aid. 

The FAFSA is required to apply for federal financial aid. The IRS Data Retrieval Tool is available to safely link your tax data directly from the IRS to your FAFSA. 

School Code: 042637

Request for Appeal 

Students and families facing severe financial hardship due to recent loss of income, extraordinarily high medical expenses, or business decline may submit a request for appeal. 

See our Financial Aid Student Handbook for more information about the appeal process.

Contact Us

For questions about financial aid, contact your student services advisor or

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