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FIND the help you need

Not sure if your question can be answered by a librarian Just ask! We will always do our best to make sure your need is resolved, even if that means referring you to another person or service.

IMPROVE your research skills

Learn to identify the best place to look for what you need, develop strategic keywords, define a research question or thesis statement, and set up alerts in a resource management tool.

DEVELOP information literacy

These skills are for more than academic research. They help you become a lifelong learner, a better-informed decision maker, and a responsible consumer of media and information. 

DISCOVER resources you need

Whether you are writing a paper, looking for information to help you complete an assignment, or putting together a lesson or project for your own students, your Library @Reach can help.

Services for Reach Faculty and Staff


Learn how the library can support you as a teacher and scholar.

  • The library performs an ongoing review of course syllabi to identify:

  • ​Points of intervention for library supportNeeds and opportunities for collection development

Please ensure that the librarian has access to your current or most recent syllabus, whether that means a prior or upcoming occurrence of a course.

In addition to this regular task, the library is here to assist faculty in your role as both teacher and scholar in the following areas:


Information Literacy​

  • One-shot instruction, provided by appointment

  • Assistance in planning information literacy-based assignments

  • Course- or assignment-level information literacy assessment

  • Assistance in developing an information literacy assessment

  • Development of documents or tools in support of information literacy

  • Any appropriate combination of the above


  • ​​Identification of relevant texts for course-level use

  • Identification of relevant texts for assignment-level use

  • Copyright or fair-use issues

  • Evaluation of materials for the library collection

Research Assistance

  • Teachers are scholars, too. The library can help you in your research by setting up relevant literature alerts, creating personalized LibGuides for your reference, or assisting you in search optimization.


Over 1,000 titles from ebooks, speeches, and more

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Open Access Resources

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Research Guides

Content and librarian authors, and find great examples of guides from a worldwide user community.

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Faculty/Staff Service

Learn how the library can support you as a teacher and scholar.


Contact the Librarian

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