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Education Week: The value of representation

In Education Week's multi-part series, Ileana Najarro spotlights the efforts of Russellville City School District's Superintendent, Dr. Heath Grimes, to effectively serve a growing Spanish-speaking population, who represent 25% of the district's students and over 40% of Russellville's 11,000 residents.

In part of the series, Elizabeth Alonzo, a Reach University candidate and English Learner (EL) Aide, provides perspective and insights on her journey into education, working towards her debt-free B.A., and the day in the life of a mission-critical EL Aide.

Elizabeth shares her full experience and explains the value of representation and why it matters here.

Dive into the first three stories within the series:

From Education Week: To meet the needs of a growing English learner population, Russellville City Schools has hired 10 new bilingual aides, including Elizabeth Alonzo, pictured here before a class at West Elementary on Dec. 9, 2022. Photo credit: Tamika Moore for Education Week

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