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FutureU Podcast: Leveraging apprenticeships to bolster the rural talent pipeline

In this two-part episode, FutureU hosts, Michael Horn & Jeff Selingo, sit down with Reach University Chancellor & CEO of Craft Education System, Dr. Mallory Dwinal-Palisch, to explore how Reach University is addressing affordable training pathways to high-quality jobs in rural communities.

Episode Part 1: Discusses the theory and practice that informed Reach’s founding and the college’s innovative enrollment, training, and funding models. Michael considers how Reach’s clear focus helps keep their costs low, and Jeff discusses the importance of career-connected learning. Listen to the episode here.

Episode Part 2: Discusses why Reach's model of 'apprenticeship degree' teacher training offers a win-win model for the learner and school, how public universities that historically educated the bulk of teachers are following the Reach model, and how the idea can be scaled to other public-sector jobs in rural areas. Listen to the episode here.

This two-part episode is generously sponsored by Ascendium Education Group, a Reach University and FutureU partner.

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