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Philanthropy Roundtable: U.S. Apprenticeship Degrees

A version of this essay by Reach University President Joe E. Ross first appeared in Inside Higher Ed on July 25, 2023. From Philanthropy Roundtable:

"Philanthropy Roundtable is pleased to share this essay by Joe E. Ross, president of Reach University. Ross and his team have worked to provide an innovative model that creates pathways to opportunity for individuals working within educational communities while simultaneously solving one of the largest problems plaguing our nation’s schools today – teacher talent pipelines. Reach University is providing a low-cost solution to the barrier of credentialing for individuals who are best positioned to meet the educational needs of their local communities through a groundbreaking apprenticeship model."


In this reprint of President Ross' opinion piece, Will the 'Apprenticeship Degree' come to America?, Reach University's partner, Philanthropy Roundtable, showcases the origins of apprenticeship-based degrees, their expansion into the U.S., and what this all means for traditional higher education. Highlights include:

To read the full opinion piece, which includes how innovative employers, such as Alabama's Russellville City Schools, are using job-embedded apprenticeship degrees to grow specialized talent, please visit: or click here.

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