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Administrative Credential: CASC

For those with a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC), this allows candidates to complete CTC requirements to attain a Clear Administrative Services Credential

Locations offered
Degree Earned
Credential Earned

CA Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC)

Application Deadlines


Application Requirements
  • Employed by a Reach partner school with the ability to both coach at least one teacher throughout the year and to facilitate a stakeholder group in decision making

  • Recommendation Form (2)

  • Five Years of teaching experience

  • Official transcripts of most recent university experience

Eligibility Requirements

Certificated administrators (per CL777) with a clear teaching credential (or other valid prerequisite services credential) AND an active Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

Candidates must have the ability to conduct job embedded inquiry cycles at their site.

Candidates must engage in a minimum of 40 hours of coaching per year.

Candidates must be in a setting where they are able to design and complete their Individualized Learning Plans.

Program Start Date

Program Duration

2 Years

Accepts Transfer Credit


Program Format

Candidates should expect to dedicate approximately 9-12 hours per week to the program including:

● Professional Learning Seminars: Candidates engage in a virtual seminar, usually on Thursday evenings, two-three times each month, which focuses on conceptual and practical issues central to examining and advancing high functioning organizational systems in schools. Seminars are primarily synchronous, with asynchronous work as appropriate. (3 hours total per seminar)

● Online collaboration: Weekly online collaboration that includes reading thought-provoking research and practitioner-literature, followed by online discussions. (Approximately 2-4 hours per week)

● Job-embedded Learning (Practicums): Real time practicum, in which candidates collect and reflect on evidence of practice, including three authentic performance assessments of the candidate's leadership in practice. The practicums range from coaching cycles with teachers/staff, planning and providing professional development arcs and facilitating communities of practice, to creating partnerships with members of the educational community.

● All candidates are required to meet with a Reach coach for a minimum of 40 hours during the academic year to comply with CTC requirements.

Scholarship & Financial Aid Info

None available

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