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Reach is the nonprofit university that offers job-embedded learning.

Your job should lead to your degree, not the other way around.   


Reach is a nonprofit university that employs job-embedded learning to help communities grow their own talent. At the undergraduate level, Reach offers adults employed in schools and other workplaces the opportunity to earn a unique bachelor’s degree that embraces work experience as part of the learning process.


At the post-baccalaureate level, Reach provides “alternative” certification and degree programs for full-time educators and organizational leaders seeking a more equitable world.


Reach seeks to pioneer a new era in higher education where a job leads to a degree instead of the other way around. 



To help schools grow their own highly effective teachers and leaders, pursuing equity in underserved urban and rural communities. We also seek to advance the efficacy and adoption in higher education of inquiry based instructional methods and job-embedded degree pathways.


The origins of Reach go back to 2006 with a group of 15 educators who gathered in California to reimagine teacher preparation. Dissatisfied with university-based programs, they sought to design an accreditation pathway embedded in the K-12 workplace, not the Ivory Tower. The result was a new nonprofit called the Reach Institute for School Leadership. In 2007, the Reach Institute launched its first teacher credential program with 25 teachers. Four years later, Reach obtained regional accreditation and launched its first master’s degrees.


In 2020, Reach incubated the Oxford Teachers College, an innovative bachelor’s degree program for full-time school staff and paraprofessionals seeking to become teachers.


With the addition of this undergraduate program, Reach officially became Reach University. The Reach Institute is now the university’s graduate school, and Oxford Teachers College is the university’s undergraduate school of education. 


Reach makes education work by making work your education. We are committed to pursuing a more equitable world by providing educational pathways that are uniquely accessible and effective: 

Students live and work in diverse urban and rural communities seeking to grow their own talent and expand opportunity for all.


Faculty and professors do not profess; instead, student voice is central.


Programs are 100% job-embedded.


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Student Testimonials

Two amazing educators reflecting on their time in our Instructional Leadership Academy of the Reach Institute for School Leadership

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