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Oxford Teachers College (OTC) is the undergraduate school of education at Reach University, a non-profit accredited institution of higher education.  Reach has state approval to offer pathways to a bachelor's degree focused in elementary level teaching, through a job-embedded program.  Degrees in Arkansas and Louisiana offer a recommendation to licensure. Degrees in Alabama, Colorado and California provide graduates the opportunity to pursue Alternative Certification upon completion. Oxford Teachers College is committed to serving independent students in underserved communities. Candidates for admission to Oxford Teacher College typically hold jobs working with children, desire a career in education, and possess a demonstrated commitment to equity in their chosen local community. 

Reach Institute for School Leadership is the graduate and post-baccalaureate division of Reach University. The Reach Institute partners with schools and districts to grow their own diverse talent representative of the community they serve. Candidates for admission typically work full-time for schools in urban or rural communities, desire a rigorous credentialing pathway linking theory and practice, and believe great teaching and coaching can lead to a more equitable world. Learn More


Reach students come from workplaces across the U.S. and world, representing diverse experiences, backgrounds, and cultures.  
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