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Whether you’re a long-time school employee, starting a new job, or looking to grow into leadership, our degree and certificate programs can provide vital skills and the credentials you need to expand your career.


For school employees in Alabama, Arkansas, California, and Louisiana looking to earn a degree, Reach offers a job-embedded pathway to earn your bachelor’s degree and prepare to become a teacher through Oxford Teachers College at Reach University.


For California-based school employees working in a Reach University partner school system, the Reach Institute for School Leadership offers an Intern Teacher Credential program, an acclaimed Teacher Induction and Clear Credential (TICC) program, and a rigorous, equity-centered Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) and Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC) program.

Degree and certificate programs providing skills and credentials to accelerate your career


Emerging Teachers

Emerging Leaders

Reach works with school districts, charter networks, and education agencies to help them grow their own pipeline of excellent teachers and effective leaders. Our degree, certification, and leadership programs are designed to cultivate equity-centered educators and leaders with the skills and confidence they need to reach diverse student populations in America’s urban and rural communities. 


For partner school systems in Alabama, Arkansas, California, and Louisiana, Reach offers bachelor degree programs for paraprofessionals and other school employees that would make great teachers. At Reach, candidates earn a degree online while continuing to work as a school employee.


In California, school employers can partner with Reach to provide access to our Intern Teacher Credential, induction, masters degree, and Preliminary and Clear Administrative Services Credential programs. We also offer whole-school programs to step up and align the practice of facilitation and coaching at your school. Reach and its affiliate institutions make available a suite of tools and training to create a culture of professional growth and leadership within your school – increasing site capacity, dramatically improving teacher job performance and retention, and creating ongoing positive change in the classroom.

Job-embedded pathways to grow your own talent pipeline


Teacher Pipeline

Leadership Programs


Our job-embedded programs prepare emerging educators and organizational leaders to serve their local communities — and change life trajectories.


We'd love to connect with you. For questions about our programs or the application process, click below.  

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