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Computer Science at Reach

Equipping all teachers to be critical consumers and creators of technology

Capacity Building

Faculty in any School of Education are invited to participate in CS 333: Pedagogy and Andragogy. Register your interest for Spring 2024.


All candidates take CS 333, a 12-week 3-credit course, between their Intermediate and Advanced years.


Reach 272: Coding for Teaching is offered as an elective in the Intern program, returning Summer 2024.

Research for Teaching

Join our twice-weekly inclusive CSEd Discussion Group to apply evidence-based practices in your teaching, in partnership with


Computer Science is an academic discipline, distinct from Digital Literacy and Educational Technology, that includes Computing Systems, Networks and the Internet, Data and Analysis, Algorithms and Programming, and Impacts of Computing. Reach aligns its programs to state and national K-12 standards for CS content and practice.


Reach University makes a commitment to provide pre-service teachers in our apprenticeship degree program with an inclusive, comprehensive, compulsory 12-week CS course aligned to state standards in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and California, reaching 700 teachers by Fall 2024.

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“When I first saw what class I was enrolled in this summer, my first thought was 'What in the world is coding?' and 'Why do I need to learn about Computer Science?' I have throughly enjoyed this class and I am so grateful that I was enrolled in CS because I have learned an incredible amount of things that I did not know before and that will only make me a better teacher.”


Lana Mason


Experience CS at Reach

"Grow-Your-Own" Talent 

A CS Champion

LaCamra Perry is bringing coding back to her community after completing CS 333 in Summer 2023. 

Technology Creators

Bianca Rodriguez Plancarte shares the States and Capitals app she coded for Reach 272.

"Coding is not as hard as I thought it was"

Like Elizabeth Alonzo, you too can learn computer science!

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