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Cost of Attendance - Undergraduate Programs

Why is the cost of attendance so high? I thought the program was only $900 per year. 

You are probably asking yourself this question right now, so let's break this down even more: 

  1. It's the law. We are required to include all parts of the financial aid shown above. The tuition is the main one that will matter for you as a student. The other four (books and supplies, food and housing, personal expenses, and transportation) are included because they have to be even if the program is online. The full cost of attendance allows you to better compare the cost of attending Reach University with other universities. 

  2. Reach is a high-quality program. The amount you pay is meant to be affordable on purpose. We believe that every student should have an amazing teacher and becoming an amazing teacher should be affordable. This does not mean that it costs only $900 to provide all the high-quality teaching and student services that you see and get. The actual cost to provide all of this is better shown in the tuition amount you see listed above. We help pay for these costs through financial aid and philanthropy to bring you a high quality pathway to a career at an affordable cost. 

  3. Will I have to pay more than $900? If you complete the financial aid application process (fill out the FAFSA and submit any required verification documents), you will pay no more than $900 per year.


*Students are not billed directly for books and supplies, food and housing, and personal expenses. Instead, the cost of attendance for financial aid is based on average expenses for students. The average is determined from surveying students. 

These budgets are used to aware financial aid and are published annually


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