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With Reach University’s K-12 district partners, you can find a full-time paid job that can count towards your degree. This is an opportunity to:

  • Earn money to support yourself today

  • Earn your degree while working with an employer who wants you to succeed

  • Have an integrated working and learning experience

  • Build a relationship with a school to help you land a teaching job when you finish your degree

How does this work?

  1. Find a Reach University K-12 district partner using the search tool below.

  2. Apply to a job with that K-12 district partner through their website and application process. 

    • ​For school employees seeking a BA in Alabama, Arkansas, California, or Louisiana: In order to be eligible for a BA through Oxford Teachers College at Reach University, you need to be employed by a school in AL, AR, CA, or LA, and have access to 15 hours of classroom time per week. In most cases, Reach students in these programs are classroom aides and paraprofessionals, but other jobs in schools are also eligible if your employer will support you in fulfilling the classroom requirement by providing coverage, if needed, and the opportunity to be in a classroom 15 hours per week. 

    • For teachers and leaders in California: In order to be eligible for an intern teaching credential, you need to have a bachelor's degree and be employed by a public school or have a documented offer letter for a teaching position. Reach University also offers teacher induction, master's programs, and administrative credentials for eligible school employees. Learn more at

  3. Once you are hired, come back to this website and apply to get your degree with Reach University.

Search K-12 Partners

Enter your address or ZIP code below and set your search radius to see Reach University's K-12 district partners near you. 

Find a Career Opportunity

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