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Associate to Bachelor's Degree Transfer Pathway Program

Earn your BA at Reach University by working at a school in your community and attending online classes.

  • Earn a paycheck.

  • Get the skills you need to become a teacher.

  • Get credit for the hours and work you invest in your job in schools.

  • Graduate with no student debt. 

Transfer into a job that leads to your next degree, and jumpstart your career!

Job-to-Degree Opportunities in Louisiana

A.A. to B.A. Transfer Pathway Program

To be eligible, prospective candidates must have secured an eligible associate degree at Delgado Community College with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, and secured a full or part-time position at an eligible local school. (Already work at a PK-12 school? Great! Now complete your Reach BA application.)

Take the first step: Apply NOW for a job-to-degree position at a local school.

>> Job-to-Degree Opportunities in Jefferson Parish 
Find a position and apply here. 

>> Job-to-Degree Opportunities in St. Bernard Parish

Find a position and apply here

>> Job-to-Degree Opportunities in New Orleans 

Find a position and apply here

  • Step #1: Apply to a job-to-degree position at a local school - find opportunities below.

  • Step #2: As soon as you're hired, apply/enroll into Reach University. 

  • Step #3. Start your new job, your classes, and your journey toward a fulfilling career.

How does this process work?

Enter your address or ZIP code below and set your search radius to see Reach University's K-12 district partners near you. 

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