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B.A. in Liberal Studies and M.A. in Teaching (Combined Degree Program)

The B.A. in Liberal Studies is a high-quality, job-embedded undergraduate degree and teacher preparation program for school employees. The program includes interactive class sessions held at times that respect students' work schedules, one-on-one advisors, on-site mentors, and comprehensive college services, including financial aid, libraries, and technology support, all to ensure student success. In this Combined Degree Program, candidates in California are eligible to participate in an accelerated 4+1 pathway to the MAT. This program allows candidates to begin completing California intern application/entry requirements during undergraduate coursework for a seamless transition into the M.A. in Teaching. While part of the BA-LS program, undergraduate advisors help candidates monitor their progress toward this goal, allowing candidates to complete the Combined Degree Program within 5 years. Candidates who transfer to Reach with an approved associate degree are eligible for a 2 + 1 option to complete the Combined Degree Program in 3 years.

Locations offered
Degree Earned
B.A. in Liberal Studies, M.A. in Teaching
Credential Earned
  • CA Intern Teaching Credential

  • CA Preliminary Teaching Credential

Undergraduate, Graduate
Application Deadlines
  • For spring admission: Final Deadline 10/31

  • For fall admission: Final Deadline 5/15

  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so candidates are encouraged to submit their applications prior to these deadlines

Application Requirements
  • Proof of age

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent

  • 2 Essays (250 words each)

  • Employer verification

  • College transcripts (if applicable)

  • Additional requirements for the combined degree program will be outlined during the BA program

Eligibility Requirements
  • Employment at a partner school

  • At least 18 years old

  • 15-hours per week working with children in an academic classroom setting (additional hours required as candidates progress through the program)

  • High school diploma or GED

  • Successful completion of BA-LS and MAT application requirements determine MAT eligibility

  • Additional requirements for the combined degree program will be outlined during the BA program

Program Start Date

Program Duration

Candidates with 0 to 29 transfer credits, can complete the BA degree in 4 years. Candidates with 30 transfer credits can complete the BA degree in 3 years. Most candidates with an Associates Degree can complete the degree in two years.  Upon graduation, the candidate may enter an Alternative Certification program of their choice.

Accepts Transfer Credit

Yes, up to 2 years for BA-LS portion of the Combined Degree Program

Program Format

Undergraduate candidates are enrolled in 12-16 semester credit hours each fall/spring semester.  About half of the learning each semester comes from paid work at their school. Enrollment is completed by the Registrar's Office. Courses are scheduled two nights a week live on Zoom. Candidates will select either a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule for the semester. Most classes begin around 6pm or 8pm at night, lasting from one and a half to two hours each night. Candidates are required to average 15 hours per week in an academic classroom setting, for each semester enrolled in the degree program. Those hours will be reported by the candidate and approved by a school system supervisor.

Upon entry into graduate coursework, candidates continue to engage in distance learning that incorporates significant synchronous engagement between candidates, instructors, coaches, and candidates in a cohort model. Candidates engage in a weekly 3-hour synchronous seminar on Zoom and complete regular asynchronous coursework. For field supervision, which includes classroom observation and one-on-one coaching, candidates record themselves teaching and then watch and reflect on their practice with their coach. Onsite mentorship takes place at the school site. During the fall and spring, candidates can expect to dedicate 10-15 hours per week to the Intern Program. These hours include attending synchronous seminar meetings, engaging in asynchronous learning, applying learning through job-embedded practice, engaging in coaching/observation cycles, and engaging in onsite mentorship.

Scholarship & Financial Aid Info

Undergraduate Coursework: When candidates apply for financial aid, their out of pocket cost will be no more than $75/month; any remaining tuition is covered by various sources of financial aid.

Graduate Coursework: The Golden State Teacher’s Grant awards up to $20,000 to candidates who enroll in the Reach Intern Program, and work in qualifying schools/districts.

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