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Apprenticeship degrees that deliver on the promise of economic mobility for all.

Relevance & Applicability 

Learning is relentlessly tailored to the workplace, with theory linked to practice throughout.


Half of the learning comes from what learners already do in their full-time job.


Online Oxford-style seminars are held after work hours on nights & weekends.

Professional Capital 

Learners advance into a job in their community; employers build a “grow-your-own” pipeline.


Learners  are paid to earn a degree or certificate and take on zero student debt.


German Berufsakademie

A dual-track system in which trainees learn through a combined, four-year apprenticeship-based degree experience that begins in high school and culminates in a degree commensurate with that offered by research universities. 


Reach Teacher Intern Program

Reach pioneered a job-embedded teacher preparation program, integrating theory and real-world practice,  for post-baccalaureate candidates working as full time teachers. The programs  leads to a preliminary credential and stacks into a Master of Education degree.

Going to Work, Not into Debt

Millions of Americans are forced to choose between a job and a degree. Reach's President, Joe Ross, shares how with the Reach Method, your job leads to your degree. 

Solving the Teacher Shortage

Paraeducators are not only the backbone of our schools, but they are also the solution to our nation's teacher shortage. Reach's Chancellor, Dr. Mallory Dwinal-Palisch, shares how. 

Reimagine the workplace as the learning place.

With the Reach Method, employers across the country are solving critical labor shortages in K12 & other sectors by dropping B.A. hiring reqs to recruit, develop, and grow diverse talent through accredited apprenticeship-based degrees.

"Grow-Your-Own" Talent 

Reach Method:

How It Works 

The Reach Method is how higher ed can successfully work with employers to address and solve our nation's toughest labor shortages across K12 and other sectors. 


Local Talent 

Dr. Heath Grimes, Russellville City School District's Superintendent, is embracing the Reach Method to recruit local bilingual Aides and develop them into full-time teachers.

Degrees Without Time

& Financial Barriers

Maribel Tapia, an ESL Communications & PR Specialist in the Springdale Public Schools, shares details of her journey to Reach and how she's achieving her goals.


“The Reach Method makes it possible for learners to literally get paid to earn a degree – to obtain the skills and credentials they need – by going to work, instead of going into debt. This is a win-win for hiring managers and job applicants, including those with less than a bachelor’s degree. When employers re-imagine the workplace as a learning place, the talent comes running.”


Joe Ross, President, Reach University


Read all about the Reach Method.

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