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We are committed to inquiry-based learning and uniting theory with real-world practice



Director of Academic Operations 

& Graduate Candidate Services

Courtney Bell

Associate Dean, ILA Director

Carol Johnson Williams, ABD

Director of Institutional Research

Ellen MacDonald

Associate Dean & Intern Program Director

Alison Schwartzbaum

Associate Dean & Induction Program Director

Kana Wong, ABD

Chief of Staff, OTC

Raven Harris

Professor & Director of Clinical Programs

Teryn Bryant

Faculty, Intern Program Field Supervisor Coordinator

April Angeles

Director of Faculty Learning & Development

Roseanne Chantiluke

Chief of Staff to the Provost

Christina Khoon, EdD

Senior Admissions Officer

Jason Lee

Sr. Graduate Candidate Services Associate

Vina Gopal

CASC Lead Faculty Member

Pam VandeKamp, EdD

Senior Candidate Success Advisor

Shohda Morsy

Senior Candidate Success Advisor

Cynthia Ochoa


Allison McDaniel

Financial Aid Director

Vinny Vincent-Dunn

Director of Development

Gina Frangione

Special Assistant and Operations Specialist

Katelyn Stanley


Stephenie Tesoro


Jamillah Gabriel

Oxford Teachers College Faculty Lead

April Heft

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Provost

Anastasia Wickham, PhD

Chair of Placements, Faculty

Torrence Williams, ABD

Faculty Lead and IRB Coordinator

Consuela N. Amos, Ph.D

Oxford Teachers College Faculty Lead

Michelle Cottrell-Williams

Oxford Teachers College Faculty Lead

Cicely Woodard, EdD

Oxford Teachers College Faculty Lead

Alexandra Hill

Oxford Teachers College Faculty Lead

Mary Arrasmith

Oxford Teachers College Faculty Lead

Carmen Hercules

Regional Director of School Partnerships

Amy Griffin

Candidate Success Advisor

Veada Pauls

Candidate Success Advisor

Mykerah Mackey

Admissions Officer, Undergraduate

Mason Hill

Director of People Operations

Joanna LaBounty

Director of Apprenticeship & Technical Assistance

Kristen Weeden

Professor of Computer Science

Emily Thomforde

Financial Aid Advisor

Tina Maxwell

Financial Aid Advisor

Daniel Canelo

Candidate Success Advisor

Lesli Salazar

Candidate Success Advisor

Lilah Saverimuttu

Admissions Officer

Rebecca Suarez


Aimee Rosen

Candidate Success Advisor

Susan Martin

Candidate Success Advisor

Ngozi Maduagwu

Manager of School Partnerships

Venus Torrence

Manager of School Partnerships

Miles Baquet

Executive Director, NCAD

Eric Dunker

Lead Registrar

Leilani Goo

Chief of Staff, President

Salma Nabi

Grant Management Specialist

Kat Dickhut

Development Specialist

Allison Llorens

NCAD Man Dir & Head of Univ Advancement

Sarah Hughes

Senior Director, NCAD

Jonathan Wang


Elizabeth Baham, EdD

Provost & Chief Academic Officer

Mallory Dwinal Palisch, PhD

University Chancellor

Joe E. Ross, JD
University President
Paul St. Roseman, EdD

Vice Provost, SVP of Data & Technology

Ko Kim

VP Candidate Affairs

Kimberly Eckert

Dean of Oxford Teachers College

Gene Lee

SVP Operations and Candidate Affairs

Héctor Camacho

VP Workforce Development and

Dean of Admissions

Seth Rosenblatt

Chief Business Officer

Eric Dunker

Chief Innovation Officer

Darin Lim Yankowitz

Board President

Ari Simon

Board Member

Jonathan Johnson
Board Member
Afam Onyema

Board Member

Marissa Ring

Board Member

Roberto Angulo

Board Member

Kim Merritt

Board Member

Dan Tindall

Board Member

Christopher Williams

Board Member

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