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Undergraduate Transfer Policy

Transferring Credit into Liberal Arts BA Program 


The transfer policy for the Oxford Teachers College at Reach is designed to honor incoming candidates’ previously-earned course credits from accredited institutions while maintaining the standards of the job-embedded Liberal Studies BA degree. Because of the intentional design of the program, all candidates transferring into Reach OTC will complete general education requirements in a timely manner prior to graduation.


Candidates may transfer 30 credits from an accredited institution to be admitted to the OTC program at Reach University. 


To apply 30 transfer units, candidates must have completed the following courses or their equivalent from an accredited institution:








Process for Transferring Credit


Applicants may request a review of previously transcripted coursework for equivalencies or transfer credit by submitting a Transfer Request Form, official transcripts, and course syllabi (or official course catalog descriptions at a minimum) to Candidate Services. The request will be reviewed by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and must be approved (or not) prior to the student’s start in the program.


Recognized Prior Experience


Candidates transferring into the BA degree program in Liberal Studies may be eligible to receive credit for documented work experience. Candidates may count up to 150 hours of work experience (the equivalent of 3 credits). Previous experience is cumulative and can be from multiple places of employment. Proof of a minimum of 150 hours of previous work experience with experience/ recommendation/ endorsement from employer(s).


Articulation Agreements with Partner Schools


In addition to our effort to simplify transfer policies to alleviate the burden students often face when determining transfer credit, Reach is in the process of developing articulation agreements with several institutions in the areas we serve. 


By focusing on the core competencies that candidates must cover in order to begin the program in the appropriate pathway, we are able to accept a wider range of courses as transfer credit to minimize the loss transfer students face when entering the Liberal Arts undergraduate program. The course areas we require give incoming transfers a sufficient foundation for success. 


In accordance with the mission, Reach is prioritizing articulation agreements with colleges near our school partners in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, and California. 


Please check back soon for a complete list of our current partnership institutions.

Oxford Teacher's College Transfer Credit Policies

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