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CNN: Creative solutions to on-going teacher shortages

Gabe Cohen, of CNN, shares how Reach University's on-the-job teacher training program is supporting school employees of all roles in becoming qualified teachers - without student debt.

Offered at no more than $75/month for most candidates, and no cost where there are Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) that fund tuition, Reach and innovative district partners are breaking down the historic barriers into teaching, while building a representative pipeline of classroom-ready and STEM-qualified teachers.

The segment, "Doubling up on classrooms, using online teachers and turning to support staff: How schools are dealing with the ongoing teacher shortage," features Katie Lee, a bus driver and Reach University teacher candidate in Arkansas' Jasper School District.

Learn more in the video clip below and read the full segment here.

Video clip of the CNN segment which originally aired on Monday, September 11th, at 7:50am ET.

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