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EdSurge: This Paraprofessional Did Her Teacher Training on the Job. Now, She Has Her Own Classroom.

In part of EdSurge's Future Teacher Series, Emily Tate Sullivan sits down with Janae Montgomery, a recent Reach University graduate, to learn more about what brought her to teaching, her greater Reach experience, and what comes next as a specialized teacher in Louisiana's West Baton Rouge Parish.

A snapshot can be found below:

"Janae Montgomery has walked the halls of the same school building for much of the last 10 years — first as a high school student, then as a paraprofessional and, as of a few months ago, as a special education teacher.

Montgomery’s education and training experience had its share of detours but ultimately led her back to a career that she’d picked out for herself long ago, and which she feels she is especially well suited for.

In May, Montgomery was part of the first cohort of teacher apprentices to graduate from Reach University, a low-cost higher education program that pairs job-embedded training with online coursework. She was able to earn her bachelor’s degree while continuing to work as a paraprofessional, a role she’s held since 2020 at her hometown high school outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana."

Image of Janae care of Reach University. Image callout care of EdSurge.

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