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NSNO: These Paraprofessionals Are Changing Students’ Lives While Earning Their Degrees and Training

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

"If you're working in education, and you want to be in education, you're not going to find a better program than this...If you want to help the teacher crisis, invest in paras and your support staff. The best way you can support them is to tell them about Reach University," shared Kimberly Wicks, Teacher Candidate and Assistant Coordinator of Special Education (SPED) at New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School.

Get to know Wicks and Carrie Payton-Turner's, a fellow Teacher Candidate & SPED paraprofessional at Success @ Thurgood Marshall, experience in leveraging their paraprofessional role into a full-time, qualified teaching role through Reach University in our partner's, New Schools for New Orleans, latest spotlight.

Payton-Turner with students from Success Prep

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