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The Advocate: LPSS offers paras debt-free B.A.

"While many school districts across the country are taking extreme measures to combat the teacher shortage, the Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS) is hoping to successfully transform non-faculty employees into future teachers," writes Eric Narcisse, of Louisiana's The Advocate.

LPSS is one of nearly 55 parishes throughout the state of Louisiana using Reach's job-embedded teacher prep degree apprenticeship program to grow-their-own qualified teacher pipeline by offering paras within the district the opportunity to earn a four-year degree online and be state-certified in elementary education for no more than $75/month through Reach University.

“Where else can you go to school to get a bachelor’s degree for $75 per month?” Nicky Walker, LPSS' diversity and equity talent coordinator asked rhetorically. “It’s hard finding paras, but this is going to be a good recruiting tool. Go to school, get a bachelor’s degree, and come work with us.”

Read the full story here.

Reach Candidate, Monique Roman, high-fives Ella Soileau, 8 years old, during a math lesson on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Leslie Westbrook of The Advocate.

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