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WKRG: Baldwin County school employees ‘Reach’ for dream of becoming a teacher

"Like a lot of people, Latasha Jackson always wanted to be a teacher.

'I started college and wanted to become a teacher,' Jackson said. 'However, life happened and I had a baby, and so I had to stop.'

But Jackson’s dream as well as many other cafeteria workers, grounds keepers and bus drivers could still come true as Baldwin County Public Schools introduces Reach University to school employees who want to move to the head of the class," reports Debbie Williams of Baldwin County's WKRG News 5.

Scenes from WKRG's coverage. Watch the full video segment here.

“Reach University is a job-embedded bachelor degree program that was really designed to meet the efforts of people who have had barriers to accessing higher education to complete that degree,” said Reach University's Regional Director for School Partnerships, Amy Griffin.

A tremendous thank you to Reach's Baldwin County Public Schools partners: Superintendent Eddie Tyler, HR Director Tiffany Wilson, HR Coordinator Benita Battle, and HR Specialist Brook Jordan for their leadership in hosting info sessions for over 100 interested district employees, and to WKRG News 5's Debbie Williams for spotlighting how all Baldwin school employees can earn a degree and take the steps towards becoming a qualified teacher for no more than $75/month through Reach's on-the-job program.

If you're interested in learning more about Reach's program, please visit or contact Apply@Reach.Edu.

Applications for Spring 2024 close October 31st.

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