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Forbes: Uncovering Talents, Acquiring Skills

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Reach University's longstanding partners and supporters, Stand Together Foundation & Charles Koch Foundation, highlight how "new educational models fill the talent gap for employers and the opportunity gap for workers," in Forbes.

The article, which includes Education Design Lab and PelotonU, showcases how "forward-looking educators started to recognize the need to help learners at all ages discover their strengths and interests by providing education programs and connecting learners to fulfilling job opportunities."

Highlights include:

This one-size-fits-all approach to postsecondary education overlooks the unique talents and goals of each person. As a result, many people are left behind, while others struggle through traditional university programs, often incurring massive debt, only to find the degrees they acquired are disconnected from who they are and what employers need.
The failure to create a system that empowers people to find their purpose is undermining individuals, communities, and the entire nation.
Reach University, a Stand Together Foundation Catalyst partner and Charles Koch Foundation grantee, wants to change that. Reach is the first fully accredited nonprofit university to offer apprenticeship degrees, which are programs where work leads to a bachelor’s degree rather than the other way around.

Read the full article to learn how Reach's apprenticeship degrees benefit employers + employees and is leading to high demand for job-embedded degree offerings in industries across the country.

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